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    Provide in depth analysis service and detailed reports on comprehensive commercial information give you a full view of commodities trade details with the world.


Analysis - Commodities Trade Monthly Report

Frequency : Monthly  Region : China


Think Real provides detailed analysis to identify the target commodities from the bill of lading data, covering Chemicals, Fertilizers, Food Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals, Seeds, Building Materials, Health and Natural Foods markets. The analysis service gives a full view of commodities import and export trade records, which reveal the products, origins and destinations, volumes, logistics, and trading parties with the detail behind raw data, so that you can see a big picture of trade trends in seconds.

Benefits and features

- Identify target commodity from the raw data.
- Help you find out and list the real commodities manufacturers from superficial trader list.
- Find top markets for the products your company exports.
- Track your competitors’ import and export transactions - see their suppliers and countries of trade.
- Find new sources for the products or raw materials your company buys.
- Find new customers for your transportation and logistics services.
- Monitor your contractual agreements with overseas suppliers and spot.
- More.

You can get a monthly Excel report including

- Raw transaction record data from official filings with customs authorities and trade ministries.
- Imp/Exp volume and value in total amount and divided by spec.
- Imp/Exp volume and value of all company divided by spec.
- Imp/Exp volume and value of all Imp origin/Exp destination divided by spec.
- Real manufacturer name of each transaction record.
- More.

Industry served

- Agrochemicals
- Fertilizers
- Food Ingredients
- Pharmaceuticals
- Seeds
- Fine Chemicals
- Health and Natural Foods

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