Services  Think Real provides periodic subscription and customized consulting solutions to meet clients different requirements.

China Trade Analysis

Provide in depth analysis service and detailed reports on comprehensive commercial information to give you a full view of China commodities details with the world.

Analysis - China Commodities Monthly Import/Export

Price Intelligence

Based on broad industry market data sources, Think Real provides price tracking services on commodities of Chemicals related industries, monitoring the whole industry trends from point of view of Ex-work prices, Market prices and FOB prices.
Price Intelligence - China Commodities Price Tracking Services

Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring is a periodically subscription that Think Real team of industries and editors digests the key issues, alerts and trends offering unique features on specific industries that help you stay in touch with the industry's latest developments.

News - China Agrochemicals Weekly Insight
News – China Crop Processing Monthly Insight
News – China Seed Industry Monthly Report


Alongside Big Data analysis and scientific methodologies, Think Real provides deep and detail reports that look deeply into a specific issue or trend, providing analysis in an easy-to-digest format that helps clients to understand and master their competitive environments.

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Think Real's Customized consulting solutions are tailor-made services based on clients specific requests. Think Real's analysts team will offer a range of business-to-business and end-user market research methods to provide facts or insights at any stage and with any type of research , and work closely with clients throughout the project to ensure a successful outcome, with objectives and outputs aligned with all project stakeholders.

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