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THINK REAL Report_China glyphosate industry market report 2014

Changes in China’s glyphosate industry is very frequent. As China is the largest producer for glyphosate in the world, the dynamics of China’s glyphosate impacts the global supply structure. Think Real’s China glyphosate industry market report 2014 provides deep analysis into domestic glyphosate industry, covering company dynamic, registration, production, price, export, consumption, etc., helping you assesse investment opportunities and avoid risks.


THINK REAL Report_Supply and demand of indoxacarb in China 2014


Description:After the indoxacarb’s patent expired, its production and application is estimated to develop fast in China. This report give a full view of indoxacarb’s development trend in China. It provides detailed analysis and comprehensive data of indoxacarb’s registration, capacity, output, price, raw material, export, demand, etc., helping you make more informed decisions.