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Net profit of Xiwang Food in 2014 down by 35.1% year on year

On 24 March, 2015, Xiwang Food Co., Ltd. (Xiwang Food) published its 2014 annual report. Accordingly, the company’s revenue and net profit went down by 22.9% and 35.1% year on year respectively, both due to the slipping sales volume of corn oil.


Net profit of Xiwang Food in Q1-Q3 2014 down by almost 30%

On 26 Oct., 2014, Xiwang Food Co., Ltd. (Xiwang Food), one of the leading corn oil companies in China, revealed its Q3 report for 2014, according to which, the company achieved a revenue of USD220.8 million in the first three quarters of 2014, down by 24.14% year on year;