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Jiangsu Province: high frequency in epidemic of wheat powdery mildew

According to the Jiangsu Province Academy of Agricultural Sciences , the frequency of prevalence of wheat powdery mildew in Jiangsu Province is high with occurrence of heavy damage and has become a common disease in recent years.


Wheat head blight strikes Jiangsu Province for five consecutive years

In the first half of 2016, the wheat heading and flowering period in Jiangsu Province encountered rainy days, which directly lead to the serious occurrence of head blight. The disease was more serious over 2015, causing the fall in the quality of wheat and affecting the purchase of summer grain to some extent. According to researcher Chen Huaigu from the Plant Protection Institute, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, wheat head blight has been striking Jiangsu Province for five consecutive years and with higher frequency. It has become an affecting factor for the wheat production in Jiangsu Province.


Serious occurrence of wheat diseases in Jiangsu Province in 2016

On 8 April, 2016, on the Seventh Membership Conference of the Jiangsu Crop Protection Industry Association, the Jiangsu Plant Protection and Inspection Station reviewed the occurrence and prevention & control of crop diseases and pests in the province and analyzed the occurrence trend in 2016, predicting that the occurrence of wheat diseases and pests will be serious this year.