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Baiyunshan to build 200 t/a L-Arginine production lines

On 10 Nov., 2014, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chemical Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (Baiyunshan Technology), which is a subsidiary of Baiyunshan, reached an agreement with Zhejiang Anglikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Anglikang) to invest in the construction of 200 t/a L-Arginine production lines together.


50,000 t/a fiber ethanol device of COFCO Biochemical Energy (Zhaodong) to start construction at the end of 2014

Recently, COFCO Biochemical Energy (Zhaodong) Co., Ltd. (COFCO Biochemical Energy (Zhaodong)), revealed on its official website that it plans to construct a 50,000 t/a fiber ethanol project. The company detailed that the project will use corn straw as raw material to annually produce 50,000 tonnes of fuel ethanol, 175,000 tonnes of flammable biological matter waste and 15 million cubic meter of biological methane.


Zhengda Linghua’s lysine production lines launched

Recently, Liangshan Zhengda Linghua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Zhengda Linghua) held a launch ceremony for its 55,000 t/a lysine production lines.


Xanthan gum of Deosen Biochemical under full capacity operation

In 2014, along with the operation of its fourth branch plant, the first phase designed 48,000 t/a capacity xanthan gum of Deosen Biochemical Co., Ltd. (Deosen Biochemical) went into full capacity operation.


Threonine and tryptophan of Meihua Bio under full capacity operation

On 28 Oct., 2014, Meihua Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. (Meihua Bio) revealed through an investor relationship platform that the capacities of its threonine and tryptophan are 150,000 t/a and 1,000 t/a respectively, which are under full capacity operation.


Luwei Pharmaceutical to build 50,000 t/a sorbitol production lines

Recently, Shandong Luwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Luwei Pharmaceutical) published a notice that it plans to newly build 50,000 t/a sorbitol production lines.