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NBS: China’s output of early rice totals 34.0 million tonnes in 2014

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), in 2014, the planting area of early rice in China reached 5.8 million ha, down by 9,400 ha (0.2%) over 2013; the unit output of early rice amounted to 5,868.9 kg/ha, down by 12 kg/ha (0.2%) over 2013; the total output of early rice recorded 34.0 million tonnes, down by 125,000 tonnes (0.4%) over 2013.


Statistics of pesticide output in June and H1 2014

According to statistics from National Bureau of Statistics of China, in June the output of pesticide technicals (100% technical) produced by 337 above designated-scale pesticide enterprises reached 318,000 tonnes, down 6.0% compared with the same period last year. 

State Statistical Bureau: Chinese chemical pesticide declined 2.6% in April, 2014

According to State Statistical Bureau, there are more than 353 pesticide enterprises producing pesticide TC 292,000 tons, declined 2.6% YoY in April, 2014. Jiangsu province, whose output is 87,200 tons, is the most provinces of pesticide production, then Shandong Province whose output is 68,400 tons and Zhejiang Province, whose output is 28,400 tons.

The fungicide output rose 12.4%, in April

According to the National Bureau of statistics data, there are more than 353 pesticide enterprises and the total production of pesticide TC decreased 2.6% to 292,000 tons.