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JPRI: phenamacril sales exceeds RMB100 million in H1 2017

On 20 July, 2017, the Environmentally Friendly Fungicides & Crop Health Forum was hosted by the Crop Protection Product Promotion Committee, China Society of Plant Protection, during which Jiangsu Pesticide Research Institute Co., Ltd. (JPRI) was granted a “2016 Crop Protection Commitment Award” for its Jinghu (劲护®, 25% phenamacril SC).


JPRI’s phenamacril becomes key product for governmental pesticide procurement

Among the more than 50 self-created pesticides in China, phenamacril is one of the rare ones with annual sales exceeding USD14.5 million (RMB100 million). With effective prevention and control of wheat fusarium blight, it is extensively used and becomes one of the regulars for governmental pesticide procurement.