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Jiangsu Flag renamed for business expansion

On 18 Sept., 2017, Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Flag) announced that its company name had been changed to Jiangsu Flag Technology Co., Ltd. (江苏中旗科技股份有限公司), for the reason that the previous name could neither cover all its existing businesses nor cater to its need for future business expansion.


Jiangsu Flag’s IPO application has been approved

On 20 August, 2016, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced the approval of the IPO (= initial public offering) application made by Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Flag).


Jiangsu Flag launches IPO on SZSE

On 9 Feb., 2015, Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Flag) submitted its prospectus for Initial Public Offering (IPO) to China Securities Regulatory Commission. The company is planning for a public offering of no more than 19 million shares on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE). The shares to be issued account for no less than 25% of its total shares after the offering.