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The price of insecticides from many manufacturers in May 14th

Qinghai Haina Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Bifenthrin 25g/L EC, this product is a pyrethroid insecticide with contact poisoning and stomach action, without systemic action and fumigation action, and it takes effect fast. The product specification is 100ml*40 bottles/piece and the ex-factory price is stable in 105 Yuan.

Huifeng Joint-Stock tookover Jialong Chemical, building the second pesticide fixed-point production base

Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd. released investment announcement to public in May 12th. Huifeng invested its 125,398,500Yuan in Jiangsu Jialong Chemical Co., Ltd. and its investment takes over 53. 2518% share of Jialong Chemicals. Huifeng subscribed for 8,783,400 shares from Jialong’s ex-shareholders.

The analysis of top 30 sales of pesticide industry formulation, 2014

Through more than two months intense ranking work by China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA), in May 7th, the 2014 pesticide industry ranking list conference was held in Hefei and the formulation of pesticide industry sales top 30 was announced. Overall, the total sales of the top 30 reached 12.13 billion, increasing 11.6% compared with last year’10.87 billion. The entering threshold rose to 150 million from 110 million last year, up to 6.3% in 2014. In the list of enterprises, there are more than 20 enterprises ’sales having varying degrees of improvement, the highest growth reached 85%, which can prove that our formulation industry scale is growing.

The first quarter of 2014, many domestic pesticide listed companies continued strong growth

Recently, 18 domestic pesticide listed companies have listed the sales of 2014 first quarter. Of which 12 pesticide enterprises whose operating expense of the first quarter risen in varying degrees, the top 3 rising companies were Anhui Huaxing Chemical, Hubei Sanonda and Shenzhen Noposion. Shareholders of listed companies of Sanonda and Huaxing Chemical are vested in the net profit of 132,000,000 Yuan and 15,700,000 Yuan, an increase of 2 times year-on year. 

China's modern seeds development foundation invested in Hongqi Seed

China’s first modern seeds development foundation entered into a strategic cooperation agreement withthe Chinese seed company Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Co., Ltd, through which the foundation will invest in Hongqi Seed to facilitate the establishment of a largest and most competitive seed and seedling business entity in east China.