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Shandong Province: Only 85 chemical parks are reserved

On July 26, 2018, Shandong Province held a Standing Committee of People's Congress to conduct a special discussion on the work safety production in the province. The meeting indicated that in 2017, Shandong has closed and changed production for nearly 600 unqualified chemical companies. In the next step, the relocation of hazardous chemicals enterprises in urban densely populated areas will be speeded up, and the total number of chemical parks in the future will be determined. The province will only retain no more than 75 comprehensive parks and 10 professional parks through rectification.


For old parks that have not been re-identified as parks, and cannot be identified as parks, chemical production capacity projects can not be newly added or expanded, but technical transformations in environmental protection, safety, and energy conservation are allowed.


For enterprises that are not allowed to enter the park, they can fall into three situation to solve problem:


1.          For the enterprises that are not in the park, if their scale is large and conforms to the national industrial policy and the next development prospect is good, they can be regarded as the next key monitoring point and managed according to the single park standard.


2.          For the enterprises that cannot be rated as key monitoring points and are not in the park are encouraged to carry out environmental protection, energy conservation, and safety reforms. Besides new projects can not be added.


3.          in the new round of rating evaluation work, if the rating is poor and the rectification still fails to meet requirements, the enterprises will be shut down strictly and orderly.