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MARA: Attention to crop pest control in the second half of the year

At the end of July 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA, former name: MOA) issued the "Notice on the Prevention and Control of Major Pests and Diseases of Autumn Grain Crops". It said that according to the monitor of pests and diseases, and affected by recent precipitation and high temperature, the occurrence of major pests and diseases of crops, such as rice, corn and potatoes, would happen severely, posing a greater threat to food production. Therefore the MARA attached great importance to it and required all localities to implement prevention and control measures at an early date and resolutely curb the outbreak of pests and diseases.


The notice pointed out that all localities should scientifically formulate prevention and control technical programs and strengthen classification guidance:


²  For migratory pests such as rice plant hopper and rice leaf roller, it is necessary to carry out joint prevention and control to curb outbreaks.

²  For sudden pests and diseases, it is necessary to organize mass prevention and control to curb the spread.

²  For insect pests such as armyworms, meadow mothes and grasshoppers, it is necessary to carry out centralized and unified prevention and control in high-density areas in their low age larve.


The plant protection work in various places mainly includes:

²  Actively support the development of specialized prevention and treatment service organizations through various forms such as government purchase and issuance of prevention and control subsidies.

²  Strongly promote the unified defense service.

²  Promote pesticide reduction and increase efficiency, continue to promote zero growth in pesticide use.

²  Conduct tour technical training to help farmers solve practical difficulties encountered in the prevention and control process.