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MOFCOM takes provisional anti-dumping measures against sorghum imported from the US

On 17 April 2018, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM) made its No.38 announcement this year, regarding the preliminary decision on the anti-dumping investigation into the sorghum imported from the US. “The sorghum produced and imported from the US is dumped into China, causing material injuries to the domestic sorghum business. Hence, we decide to take provisional anti-dumping measures against the sorghum produced and imported from the US,” said the MOFCOM.


“The decision is objective,” continued the MOFCOM, “We carried out investigations by issuing questionnaires, listening to comments and opinions and visiting main sorghum producing areas.” According to the preliminary decision, the US made sorghum has been dumped into China greatly, which has seriously threatened the domestic sorghum market. The exports from the US rose sharply, by 14 times from 317,000 tonnes in 2013 to 4.76 million tonnes in 2017, and the corresponding export price fell by 31% from USD290/t to USD200/t. This resulted in the falls in the price of domestically made sorghum and caused material injuries to the local business.


From 18 April 2018, importers who import sorghum from the US to China shall pay for the guarantee to China Customs in accordance with the decided rate of guarantee (178.6%).


“We will continue investigating into this case and will make final decision,” stated the MOFCOM, “We will comply with laws and regulations in China and rules under the WTO, so as to protect the legal rights of each party.”