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Huaxing Chemical: pesticide formulation processing center put into formal operation

On 18 April 2018, Anhui Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. (Huaxing Chemical)’s Green Intelligent Pesticide Formulation Processing Center specifically for glyphosate AS (100,000 t/a) and glyphosate GR (10,000 t/a) was put into formal operation. In addition, the company announced the official start-up of its 24,000 t/a specialty carboxylate ester project.


Both, in fact, are significant steps by Huaxing Chemical during its 5-year development plan. In the following 3-5 years, Huaxing Chemical intends to make revenue of USD477.1 million from main business.


The Green Intelligent Pesticide Formulation Processing Center plays an important role for Huaxing Chemical to carry out business activities regarding the processing of pesticide formulations, and to make excellent performance in the traditional agrochemical business. The center, including 12 sets of production equipment for glyphosate AS and 3 sets for glyphosate GR, is expected to achieve production of 100,000 tonnes of glyphosate AS, 10,000 tonnes of glyphosate GR and 4,800 tonnes of promoters per year, and to make sales of USD365.7 million and taxes of USD23.7 million annually after operation.