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Fengle Seed: subsidiary to construct herbicide production facility

At the end of March 2018, Hefei Fengle Seed Co., Ltd. (Fengle Seed) announced that its subsidiary Anhui Fengle Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (Fengle Agrochemical) intended to invest USD3.0 million to construct a 450 t/a herbicide production facility.


“Recent years have witnessed capacity expansion for pesticide formulations, under which Fengle Agrochemical’s production capacity of pesticide technical was not enough to support the production of pesticide formulations. Hence, the supplies of pesticide formulations and the overall financial performance have been impacted,” said the announcement, “Since H2 2016 in particular when the environmental inspection was increased nationwide, the domestic supply of pesticide technical has been in short, which was a certain impact on the supply of pesticide formulations and the overall financial performance of Fengle Agrochemical. So it is a necessity to expand the production capacity for pesticide technical so as to meet the demand during the production of pesticide formulations.”


Here are details about the construction: 

l   Construction site: Fengle Agrochemical Factory, Feidong Recycling Economy Demonstration Park, Hefei City, Anhui Province 

l   Investment: USD3.0 million

l   Construction period: 12 months

l   Construction target: to mainly construct 450 t/a herbicide production facility – the workshop for pesticide technical synthesis, including 200 t/a tribenuron-methyl, 150 t/a fenoxaprop-P-ethyl and 100 t/a refined clomazone

l   Construction progress: it has been projected by Hefei Development and Reform Commission, approved by Hefei Administration of Work Safety for safe establishment and passed by Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau for environmental impact assessment


The said 3 herbicides are all pesticides of high efficacy, low toxicity and low residue. They are categorized and supported by the Chinese administration and are in line with the national requirements on industry development.