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MOA striving for central fiscal subsidy on prevention and control of wheat scab

According to Jiangsu Plant Protection Plant Quarantine Station, the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China (MOA) is now striving for the central fiscal fund to subsidize the prevention and control of wheat scab.


This year, 2018, sees increasing price and tight supply of pesticides in China. This is a result of raw material prices mainly. In order to do a good job in preventing and controlling wheat scab, notice is given by Jiangsu Province as follow:


1.        Local administrations are expected to be well prepared for the dispatch and reserves of the pesticides targeting wheat scab, so as to make sure the availability of pesticides when they are needed.


2.        The fund allocated earlier for the prevention and relief of disasters can be used to purchase pesticides for wheat scab so as to carry out emergency prevention and control. This year the provincial administration has no plan to call for bids of and purchase pesticides for wheat scab in a unified way, and every city level administration should organize the purchase themselves. In regard to the areas which carry high risks in its epidemicity, the promotion and application of pesticides showing excellent efficacy should be increased.


3.        Local administrations should make detailed plans on using funds, expand the coverage of prevention and control, guarantee the safety of wheat planting and improve the quality and safety.