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MEP responds to enterprises’ loss caused by sewage treatment

On 27 Feb., 2018, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) responded to the public that the law enforcement of environmental protection cracks down illegal enterprises and supports legal ones. During the process, some law-violating and under-standard enterprises must be confronted with huge impact or even phasing out, which is a necessary regularity in economic development.


The MEP shared a group of data to analyze the environment and economy problem: the utilization rate of the national industrial production capacity in 2017 was 77.0%, rebounding by 3.7 percentage points year on year and ending the five-year downtrend since 2012. It was assumed that the steel industry suffered the largest impact during the environmental protection examination. However, according to statistics, the capacity utilization rate of the black metal smelting and rolling industry improved by 4.1 percentage points.


The National Bureau of Statistics conducted calculation on the production volume of 574 main industrial products in the domestic market, according to which the number of products whose 2017 yield increased was 408, rising by 4.4 percentage points year on year.


Moreover, the profit rate of large and medium-scale industrial enterprises in China grew by 21.9% year on year during Jan.-Nov. 2017, which enhanced by 13.4 percentage points year on year. It indicates the large growth in enterprises’ profit rate and obvious change in their capacity use rate.


The MEP points out that the Chinese government conducts overall treatment on law-violating enterprises to exchange for improved environmental quality, which promotes the transfer of energies, improves city taste and activates production elements more deeply. For example, there were over 2,000 plywood enterprises in Wen’an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, which annually paid taxes worth USD31.6 million. After the comprehensive treatment, the number of medium and above enterprises increased from 39 to over 100, who pay double the original tax. In addition, the surrounding environment of them also improved obviously, very much applauded by nearby residents.