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Nanjing Red Sun to acquire a 60% stake in Ruralco

On 30 Jan., 2018, Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Red Sun) announced its decision to purchase a 60% share in Australian-owned agricultural company Ruralco.


Accordingly, Nanjing Red Sun expects to progress this this merger in two phases:

1.          To acquire the 26. 7% stake held by Fernando Diego Gimbatti and other four individual shareholders, at USD8.0 million from its self-owned capital;

2.          To acquire a stake of 33.3% through a capital increase of USD1.5 million into Ruralco.

Upon completion of the acquisitions in two phases, Red Sun will hold some 60% of the shares in Ruralco.


“This acquisition is an important step to further penetrate into the terminal market, to extend our sales network in international agricultural market, and more importantly, to increase our global presence,” disclosed Nanjing Red Sun.


About Ruralco


Founded jointly by FMC and NewCo in 2011, Ruralco has served as FMC’s distributor in Argentina, mainly for agricultural chemicals, including herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, while licensed for sales of cereals, rapeseeds and feed crops. As the joint venture between FMC and NewCo was terminated in 2016, Ruralco derived from FMC some 37 independent clients, as well as the possession of 33 product registrations or authorized use of registrations. In 2016, the company achieved a full-year revenue of *USD29.9 million (vs. USD559.1 million by Nanjing Red Sun), and a net profit of USD0.49 million (vs. 20.0 million by Nanjing Red Sun).

*ARSUSD/USD exchange rate at 19.45 on 5 Feb., 2018, sourced on





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