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"Pesticide Label Management Approach" has been formally implemented

From January 1, 2018, "Pesticide Label Management Approach" has been formally implemented. At present, the products with new and old labels have coexisted in the agricultural market, during which channel partners enterprises have continued mentioned that some downstream channels thought the products with old labels were no longer allowed to sell and then asked for return and exchange instead. Others also required for return because of poor sales.   


Products with old labels were still allowed to sell


Although the "Pesticide Label Management Approach" stipulates that pesticide products produced after January 1, 2018 should use new labels, it does not mean that the original products cannot be sold. The staff of Plant Protection Department of Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture analyzed that pesticide products that were produced before December 31, 2017 and meet the original labeling requirements could still be sold according to the regulations.


However, the products must meet the following two conditions: production within the pesticide registration validity; production time before January 1, 2018, and the products should be still valid. "For pesticide products that have been produced, they can still be normally sold within the validity period as long as they meet the requirements of the previous regulations."


From January 1, 2018, pesticide products produced by pesticide manufacturers and exported from Chinese pesticide enterprises shall be labeled with two-dimensional code to meet the new requirements. QR code or DM code is used for the two-dimensional code system of pesticide label; the content of two-dimensional code is composed of tracing website code and unit identification code. By scanning the two-dimensional code, people can identify pesticide name, registration certificate holder name and other information.


In addition, relevant departments reminded that pesticide enterprises should ensure the safe of traceability of information documents and printed two-dimensional code to avoid losing or being used by other unscrupulous businesses.





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