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2017 Pesticide Formulations Seminar: intelligent production

From 16-17 November 2017, the 2017 Pesticide Formulations Seminar, hosted jointly by Jiangsu Crop Protection Industry Association and Jiangsu TOM Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., was held in Jiangsu Province. Specifically the enterprise representatives discussed about how to achieve intelligent and mechanized development in the domestic pesticide formulations business and paid visits to the production sites of the domestic top pesticide formulations processors.


Jiangsu Lanfeng Bio-chemical Co., Ltd.:

The R&D of pesticide formulations will be focused on biological activity, safety, labor saving and pollution reduction, and meanwhile the pesticide formulations business will increase attention to updating management systems and selecting applicable production facilities.


Sichuan Lier Crop Science Co., Ltd.:

Its automated production consists of 4 parts, namely automated production line, automated controlling system (for specific unit), overall controlling system (for production line) and intelligent flexible production line. “In the past three years during which we carried out automated production, the output has increased by 120%, the output value by 108% and the efficiency per capita by 240%, and the quality feedback has declined by 108% significantly,” claimed the company.


Jiangsu Tom Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.:

The trend of intelligent production should be supported by smart factory and intelligent machinery. The company made introduction about its intelligent flexible repacking facility and data management, including filling-sealing-cap screwing machine, automated packing line and pesticide formulations packaging traceability system, and meanwhile showcased its hardware platform for the intelligent development of pesticide formulations.


Jiangsu Mindleader Crop Science Co., Ltd.:

Key problems faced by the domestic pesticide formulations processors in general:

1.        Irrational business distribution;

2.        Selection of production facilities is lack of foresight;

3.        Production management fail to meet the overall international requirements called QSHE (Q for quality, S for safe, H for healthy and E for environmental protection);

4.        Quality management: preconditions for the prevention of cross contamination especially are deficient.

The processors are expected to avoid such problems to sustain their development.


Agro-Trace (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.:

The pesticide packaging, in accordance with the latest Regulations on the Control of Agricultural Chemicals, should have QRC (= quick response code) printed and should carry QRC labeling. Here are the keys:

1.          Labeling for pesticide technical should also carry QRC;

2.          QRC labeled should not be pasted;