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Jilin Bada actively markets coumoxystrobin

In November 2017, Jilin Bada Pesticide Co., Ltd. (Jilin Bada) held a cooperation exchange for key clients in Jing Gangshan, Jiangxi Province, a move intended to specifically promote its patented product “Xiang Er” (享尔) (40% coumoxystrobin + tebuconazole SC) to its channel partners around the country.


“We, founded in 1996, started our business in the field of seed coating and now we are the 3rd largest seed coating company after Germany based Bayer and Switzerland based Syngenta in the world;” stated Sun Yongji, President of Jilin Bada, “After 21 years of development, we have become a comprehensive group focused on pesticides and meanwhile involved in agricultural production of means related business including fertilizers, seed coatings and seeds.”


Currently, Jilin Bada runs 2 business departments namely “Coumoxystrobin” and “Seed Coating”. It has been listed by the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) in the Top 100 Enterprises in China Pesticide Industry (based on sales) for consecutive 2 years (2016 and 2017) and has lifted its ranking in the domestic pesticide formulations list, from 20th in 2016 to 12th in 2017.


“The innovation of green pesticide is a very complicated and systematic project;” said Liu Changling, inventor of coumoxystrobin and Chief Engineer of the Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry during the exchange, “Not only foreign enterprises but also domestic business are able to develop such pesticides, under the development of science and technology. Coumoxystrobin is a good example.”


In addition, new generation SDH (=succinate dehydrogenase) are increasingly recognized by the market, given the fall in the CAGR (= compound annual growth rate) of triazole fungicides. However, the patents on such products are now mostly in the hand of the foreign enterprises. It is a necessity for the domestic pesticide business to develop such fungicides.


Reportedly, coumoxystrobin has been patented in many countries like the US and Japan. In 2015 it obtained the 1st Pesticide Technology Innovation & Contribution prize from the CCPIA and the Contribution Prize from the China Society of Plant Protection.


Figure 1: chemical structure of coumoxystrobin


Source: Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry


At the meeting, a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation was hosted also. Jilin Bada signed a 48-tonne cooperation agreement with its channel partners from several large provinces/regions.


Fei Qianwu, Manager of Jilin Bada’s Coumoxystrobin Business Department made a specific plan on “Xiang Er”, “Based on the sales of USD2.3 million this year, the figure will reach USD4.6 million in 2018 and will exceed USD15.1 million (RMB100 million) within 3 years. In addition to apple and field crops in northern China, mango in Hainan Province and citrus in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region are also targets to us.”


In the next two years, mixtures combining coumoxystrobin with chemicals such as tebuconazole, metiram, boscalid and oxine-copper will be launched onto the market also. Jilin Bada will step by step improve the products and services and enlarge the sales promotion, so as to offer better and higher quality products and services to the distributors and farmers.





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