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DowDuPont officially releases some new pesticides in China

From 22-24 November, the 2017 China Plant Protection Information Exchange & Pesticide and Sprayer Facilities Trade Fair was hosted in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. The day before this, DowDuPont’s Agriculture Business Department officially released new products, Pexalon™ insecticide developed by DuPont and Rinskor herbicide by Dows AgroSciences.


Picture 1: Pexalon™ unveiled by NATESC representatives and leaders of DowDuPont’s Agriculture Business Department


Source: DowDuPont


Pexalon™ (10% triflumezopyrim SC) is a rice planthopper insecticide based on wholly new mechanism of action. It can effectively prevent and control varied rice planthoppers, extend the period of prevention and control, reduce the times of use and improve the crop output and quality.


Rinskor (3% florpyrauxifen EC) is a wholly new herbicide, applicable to prevent and control key weeds in paddy field, including gramineae weeds, broad-leaved weeds and cyperaceae weeds. It is a substitute in the management of the resistance of rice weeds.


Zheng Ziqin, Market & Strategy Director of DowDuPont’s Agriculture Business Department in Great China said the following, “Pexalon™ insecticide is a product developed by us specifically for the Asian rice market, with a R&D period of nearly 10 years. We firmly believed that this pesticide will be a new benchmark for the prevention and control of rice planthopper. Rinskor is also expected to help Chinese farmers solve problems in paddy field weeding.”





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