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MEP: enterprises should open the sewage information according to regulations

On August 27, 2017, the "disclosure approach (draft) of environmental information for enterprise or institution" that newly revised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that if the key pollutant discharging units don’t open the sewage information according to regulation but make falsification, Ministry of Environmental Protection will fine these illegal units. Now the approach is still seeking advice. Once approved to implement, it will become the environmental threshold for agricultural enterprises.


²  Enterprises that need to disclose sewage information:


The environmental protection departments of all regions shall make sure the list of key polluters in their respective administrative areas before the end of each year. If the environmental information of enterprises and institutions involved in state secrets, trade secrets or personal privacy, it can apply for non-public.


²  Content of sewage information:


First of all, enterprises and institutions should establish and improve the environmental information disclosure system and disclose the following four types of information:


1、    The basic information: including the unit name, unified social credit code, legal representative, production address, contact, etc.


2、    The sewage information: including the names, emission ways, emission concentration and its total amount, emission standards and excessive emissions of main pollutants and specific pollutants;

3、   The construction and operation of pollution controlling instruments.


4、    Other environmental information that should be opened. Such as: the business units should open the reason for excessive emission and the related response measures within 3 days if the detecting concentration or its total amount exceed the national or local pollutant discharge standards and sewage permits.


²  Platform for publishing sewage information:


The administrative department of environmental protection under the State Council will establish a unified platform for environmental information disclosure of enterprises and institutions, which mainly releases environmental information of key pollutants. The key pollutant units should publish environmental information on the unified and open platform timely (within 90 days after the date of publication) and be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of their environmental information


²  Related penalties:


Enterprises that refuse to open, fraud and other acts, once verified, will be asked to correct by environmental protection departments that above the county level, and get a fine of USD4,521, which should be published at last.





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