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The Cooperation between Dow AgroSciences and DJI Innovation to develop UAV plant protection

On June 27, 2017, Dow AgroSciences and Shenzhen DJI Innovation and Technology Co., Ltd (DJI Innovation) signed a memorandum of cooperation in Shanghai City to announce the establishment of long-term comprehensive strategic partnership between the two sides, which not only aimed to jointly promote the research and application of agricultural plant protection UAV technology, but also improved the development of China's agricultural mechanization and precision. It is the first time that the world's leading agrochemical enterprise and unmanned aerial vehicle company work together for win-win co-operation on plant protection UAV in China.  


According to the memorandum, Dow AgroSciences and DJI Innovation will collaborate on product innovation and technology research. The quality products and solutions of Dow AgroSciences will delivery to more farmers to promote the precision, large-scale production and industrialization of the prevention and control of pests and weeds, which improves agricultural production efficiency. Testing to plant protection products, technical updates and joint promotion are key points of cooperation between the two sides. Both sides will send research personnel to carry out a large number of tests to test the different types of plant protection products, anti-aircraft applications, and research the anti-aircraft agricultural products and formulations as well.


DJI Innovation revealed that channel customers of Dow AgroSciences will receive agricultural technology training, consulting and recommended services from DJI Innovation. At the same time, the sales channels of DJI Innovation will promote Dow AgroSciences’ products and provide relevant services to customers who buy products from Dow AgroSciences.


Dow AgroSciences said the two sides would also regularly organize technical activities, such as the Dow AgroSciences’ online classroom. Moreover, both sides would co-sponsor marketing activities and carry out live demonstrations, such as sending UAV to the field.


The two sides plan to carry out application of experiments in Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and other agricultural provinces firstly. In the experiments, both sides will test and track the actual effect of spraying herbicides, insecticides and fungicides through UAV, and summarize the optimal spraying mode, dosage form and corresponding dose according to the test result. The experiment will be started with rice, and then extended to other crops according to mutual agreement. The first cooperation product is herbicide "Linsko" (3% halauxifen-methyl EC). It will test its effect in field throughUAV technology.


DJI Agriculture also announced the launch of the national standby machine program and the national UNPROFOR service point plan to solve the after-sale problems that puzzled industry deeply. According to its introduction, the cumulative sales of MG series of agricultural plant protection machine in mainland China have exceeded 6,000, with operating area covering 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. In addition, for lack of talent in the field of unmanned aircraft plant protection, DJI has cultivated nearly ten thousand professional personnel who good at operating MG series of plant protection machine to ease the industry's urgent demand for professional talent.


Cao Nan said: "Dow AgroSciences is one of the world's best pesticide companies, and we are proud to work together with Dow AgroSciences to develop UAV plant protection. DJI Innovation is also the world's leading company in UAV field, including leading patents, as well as technical talent reserves. Hoping that the cooperation between the two sides can contribute to the process of modernization of agriculture in China and promote China's agriculture supply side reform. "


The industry estimates that the demand for China's plant protection UAV will reach 100,000 and the personnel for UAV plant protection will reach 400,000.


Picture 1: Dow AgroSciences and DJI Innovation signed a strategic cooperation on 27 June, 2017


Source: DJI Innovation





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